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Dateutils are a bunch of tools that revolve around fiddling with dates and times in the command line, with a strong focus on use cases that arise when dealing with large amounts of financial data. Their target market is shell scripts that need date calculations or calendar conversions, and as such they are highly pipe-able and modeled after their well-known cousins (e.g. dtest vs. test, or dgrep vs. grep).

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2013-02-08 10:42

This is a bugfix release.

It adds the special output formats "jdn" and "ldn" for julian/lilian day

Multiple occurrences of date/times within one line are now all processed rather than only the
first occurrence.

A zone difference specifier (%Z) is now supported for parsing and

The matlab zone converter tzconv has been added.

Building with icc 13 works now.

Many gcc warnings are fixed.
標籤: feature, bugfix, Minor

2012-02-02 07:11

This is a bugfix release. The code for date addition is refactored, and with it a new duration type, DT_MD, is introduced to capture larger month and day summands.
See the info page examples and/or README.
標籤: bugfix, Minor, Stable

2012-01-04 03:10

This is a bugfix release. A bit fiddling bug gave erroneous results in "dconv now". Date expressions (for dgrep, et al.) can now be arbitrarily joined with conjunctions (&&) and disjunctions (||), as well as negations (!). See the info page examples and/or README.
標籤: bugfix, Minor, Stable

2011-10-31 06:20

This is a bugfix release. Most notably, sloppy date arithmetics have been replaced by correct
ones, e.g. 2100 is no longer a leap year, and the 31st of Feb is instantly corrected to 28/29 Feb. Further, the unmaintainable idea of dedicated duration types has been replaced with overloaded dt_d_s types, with the side-effect that adding days or business days to dates now works, and ymcw dates can be properly compared.
標籤: Stable, Minor

2011-10-22 05:57

The dcal and tcal binaries have been renamed "dconv" and "tconv", respectively, due to a naming conflict with the tcal binary from the gcal package. Many numerical specifiers now cope with the "th" flag to denote ordinals ("%dth %b %Y" applied to 2011-10-03 will yield "3rd Oct 2011"). Business days can be denoted by suffixing them with "b". Both in the input and the specs, the "b" modifier, like the "th" modifier, is a suffix and serves formatting and notation purposes. Many GNU-isms have been removed to facilitate *BSD builds.
標籤: feature, Minor, Stable

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