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Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver. It deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts data prior to transmission, providing total privacy while reducing unnecessary wire traffic. It seamlessly supports IPv6 and IPv4 on a variety of platforms.

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2011-09-22 06:45

Due to a bug, it was possible that a configuration file selected with -F was not processed correctly or entirely. This could result in configuration parameters (e.g. compression, metadata cache directory, etc.) that were set incorrectly. This is an emergency release, and users should update ASAP.

2011-09-21 06:09

Source code cleanup for CVS -> git migration. General code cleanup and bugfixes.

2011-09-14 06:38

This release adds logic to better handle differential extracts over an existing file system. It has miscellaneous code cleanup and bugfixes.

2011-08-30 23:38

A new metadata format was introduced, which shrinks md archives for most users by not storing redundant path names for each file. Operations that do not need crypto secrets were made faster by not decrypting secrets upon startup. xmlsd_generate is used in libxmlsd instead of using printf XML generation. Minor fixes and improvements were made.

2011-08-20 06:02

This release reimplements logic to prevent cyphertite from exiting immediately when a file or directory can't be written during extract. It fixes various memory leaks. There is other misc. cleanup and minor bugfixes.

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