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cvsweb is a visual (WWW) interface for exploring a CVS repository. Its enhancements include recognition and display of popular MIME-types, visual, color-coded, side-by-side diffs of changes, and the ability sort the file display and to hide old files from view. cvsweb requires the server to have CVS and a CVS repository worth exploring.

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2005-09-25 23:39

Better human readable diff output when rcsdiff doesn't output anything, as well as improved "Diff to" presentation in the log view. MIME types are allowed to contain "+".
標籤: FreeBSD-CVSweb, Minor bugfixes

2005-01-22 16:41

This release fixes links in the human readable diff view when it's the
default diff format, makes submitting the option form preserve hidden
user settings, adds improvements related to tightly-controlled setups
such as SELinux, makes configuration and configuration documentation
improvements, and adds a tab expansion fix for HTMLized views.
標籤: FreeBSD-CVSweb, Minor bugfixes

2004-11-06 10:49

Tab expansion was fixed to not eat everything before a tab in HTML-ized diffs.
標籤: FreeBSD-CVSweb, Minor bugfixes

2004-11-03 22:40

Magic "." (== latest) revision on branches was improved and extended to more functions. Whitespace handling in HTMLized diffs was improved. A new configuration parameter for troubleshooting was added.
標籤: FreeBSD-CVSweb, Minor feature enhancements

2004-08-20 22:18

URI escaping was made more robust. Links to paths/filenames containing unusual characters work better now. Visual, accessibility, and CSS class structure improvements were made, as well as minor optimizations and other bugfixes.
標籤: FreeBSD-CVSweb, Minor bugfixes

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