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Most morse code (CW) training requires you to learn everything at once without a training process. This application changes that and separates training into phases.

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2011-03-07 10:37

Major improvements including sound fixes, a greatly improved read-to-me mode, speed and recognition training improvements, new "similar" sequence sets, significantly more preference settings, and various bugfixes.
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2011-02-16 18:56

Minor fixes were made here and there, especially in the random number generator for Windows.
標籤: Minor

2011-02-15 08:13

This release brings huge changes: a complete rewrite of the GUI, a much improved letter training mode that is entirely percentage-based, a home screen, improved help screens, and many more improvements and bugfixes.
標籤: Major

2011-01-09 03:02

Game support was improved, including a working "word game" mode and a button to show high scores. An "about" dialog box was added. Other bugs were fixed.

2011-01-03 04:24

Minor GUI cleanups, and all items have been renamed to "CuteCW" from the previous "qtcw".

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