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csvDB is an SQL engine for CSV (comma separated values) files, allowing files to be searched as if they were database tables. It includes both a library and a client, allowing it to be used programatically and from the command line.

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2012-04-01 09:25

"make install" now installs libraries and headers. This release adds a strcasestr implementation for systems which don't have it in their C library, support for the BDELIMETER environment variable for setting the default field separator, support for different separators, enclosures, and escapes when loading files from csvdb the shell, a switch to using readline as the default in the shell, and gettext support.
標籤: Gettext, MinGW, Linux, Unix

2011-11-26 05:17

This release adds support for ALTER TABLE and JOIN, adds some session configuration settings with SET <setting> <state>, optimizes CREATE and INSERT queries, and greatly improves the format of results. New column/table reference resolvers have been added to work with the new result data structures, and WHERE now supports comparisons between columns.
標籤: cli, SQL

2011-11-07 06:30

This release implements the autotools build chain, increases file loading speed, implements a readline-based shell, adds table/file/column/keyword autocompletion to the shell, makes changes to table and result data structures, major query optimizations, adds AND/OR support to WHERE, implements HAVING, and expands WHERE to support =, LIKE, >, <, NOT, <=, and >= comparisons.
標籤: SQL, autotools, readline

2011-11-03 07:42

A bugfix in arrow key handling in the shell. Support for loading apache log files with the APACHE keyword. The addition of INSERT, UPDATE, CREATE TABLE, and OUTFILE support. A bugfix in WHERE parsing. Some query optimization.

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