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Comment Remover removes all comments from various types of source codes, including, but not limited to Assembly, Pascal, Java, C, C++, D, Python, and LUA.

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2013-02-11 11:37

Input files with an end-of-line mode different from LF will now be automatically converted to LF.

This is valid only for CR and CRLF end-of-line modes.

File loading and saving is now several times faster.

Unicode is not supported.
標籤: Unstable, Update

2013-02-04 07:45

All lines preceded by spaces are now removed from the final source file. All lines that had only a comment them are now removed from the final source file. These improvements make the final source file look as if it were never commented before.
標籤: Unstable, Beta

2013-01-12 08:26

This release
increases the limit of comment characters to five and adds support for asymmetric comment types (e.g., HTML,
標籤: Update

2013-01-05 10:30

This release fixes a bug which removed comments inside strings in certain cases.
標籤: Bug Fix

2013-01-03 16:58

Generated files were improved. An option was added to remove empty lines from files. There were some small fixes.
標籤: Update

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