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Calamaris parses the logfiles of a wide variety of Web proxy servers and generates reports about peak-usage, request-methods, status-report of incoming and outgoing requests, second and top-level destinations, content-types, and performance.

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2006-03-20 03:02

HTML-Frame-Report, extended output options, and HTML now supports CSS.
標籤: Development, Major feature enhancements

2005-01-26 00:01

This release adds the ability to choose the graphics format. It also contains some small bugfixes in the caching and the handling of usernames. The installation instructions have been made a little more clear.
標籤: Development, Minor feature enhancements

2004-09-23 01:05

This release adds a switch for filename configuration and fixes some small bugs.
標籤: Development, Minor feature enhancements

2004-09-19 15:54

Calamaris is now able to produce graphics that
describe the parsed data. A lot of enhancements
and new reports were also added. A configuration
file is now available.
標籤: Development, Major feature enhancements

2004-06-07 02:41

This release adds a sanity check for the time-interval option, changes the interval display, adds x-hiername for NetCache-Logparsing, has a fix for the iPlanet Web Proxy Server, moves CARP from the HIT to MISS section, adds a generation time stamp, and has a reformatted Text-Output-Header.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

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