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Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

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2011-07-27 14:37

FreeBSD xattr/acl support was added. The ability to handle Windows junction points was added. The "nobackup = [file name]" option was added. If this file system entry exists, the directory containing it will not be backed up. An important bug was fixed so that the librsync signature block size is set based on the old file size. Other small bugs were fixed.

2011-06-28 06:24

This release adds a mechanism for backing up and restoring extra metadata. It adds Linux ACL and xattr support. It adds an option to set the file creation umask on the server. It adds an option to specify the client password on the server in passwd format. It adds an option for server child processes to run as different user/groups. There are small bugfixes.

2011-06-15 18:07

An option to run as a specific user or group was added. Patrick Koppen's burp_ca script was added. Small bugs were fixed.

2011-05-14 12:29

The status monitor now uses ncurses. Two bugs that could drastically slow down the server if a file disappeared on a client after the initial scan was fixed (clients must also be upgraded). IPv6 patches were applied. The ability to specify the location of the client lockfiles on the server was added. The server now forks into the background by default, and '-F' can be used to make it stay in the foreground. An option was added for specifying a log file.

2011-04-14 19:47

This release added a script for backing up zfs snapshots with 'zfs send', the ability to turn off or set the level of compression, an option to define the poll interval in the Windows installer, the ability to turn off librsync delta differencing, and the ability to give arguments to backup/restore/pre/post scripts. configure/make now works better on Solaris.

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