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Bonnie++ is based on the Bonnie hard drive benchmark by Tim Bray. The most notable features that have been added are support for >2G of storage and testing operations involving thousands of files in a directory. This program is used by ReiserFS developers, but can be useful for anyone who wants to know how fast their hard drive or file system is. It now includes ZCAV in the package. This program tests the performance of different zones on the hard drive. ZCAV has been released separately before but will now only be released as part of the Bonnie++ suite.

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2009-07-05 18:05

This release was made to build on OpenSolaris again. More files are supported for the small files test (10^7 isn't enough files). Now the limit is 16^10 files. A significant functional improvement was made for bon_csv2html, which now gets all the colors right. Support for Direct IO was added. Support was removed for OS/2 and NT (which never worked properly anyway).

2008-12-10 08:38

This release adds support for direct I/O.
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2008-08-20 00:14

The program now works correctly with 64-bit file
access (which means bonnie++ should work correctly
on machines with more than 1G of RAM). Zcav
support now skips chunks of the disk to give a
faster result (some modern disks can take several
hours for a single pass otherwise). All units were
changed to GiB and MiB. The zcav output units were
changed to match the new bigger and faster disks.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2008-07-23 15:54

ZCAV now works better with larger and faster
disks. The default block size is 256MiB and output
is displayed in MiB/s and GiB. It also displays
the progress on multiple loops. Units were changed
to KiB, MiB, and GiB in all programs and
標籤: Minor feature enhancements

2008-01-27 08:06

Some failures to check the return code of chdir()
were fixed.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes

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