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BikeRoute is an Android application providing GPS-based route planning and cycle parking location worldwide. (Google cycle directions in the US, CycleStreet directions in the UK, and Google driving directions elsewhere). It features A to B route planning, nearby cycle parking location, step by step directions, routemap, satnav, and a 'remember where I parked' route finder using data and maps from the OpenStreetMap project.

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2011-04-04 22:53

Numerous force close bugs were fixed. Acra debugging support was added (and can be disabled in preferences).

2011-02-01 07:58

This release restores the unpark dialog when navigating back to a parked bike and fixes several crashes when using imperial units.

2011-01-31 12:49

This release fixes broken loading of saved routes, fixes several force close bugs, and has updated icons.

2011-01-26 20:00

Force close was fixed when opening favorites, when saving a route, and sometimes happening when replanning.

2011-01-21 20:18

MapQuest was added as a routing engine, meaning bicycle specific routes are now available for much of the world. The choice of routing engine was made an option in preferences. Almost-satnav was enabled again for non-UK routes using MapQuest.

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