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Bashish is a theme enviroment for text terminals.
It can change colors, font, transparency, and
background image on a per-application basis.
Additionally Bashish supports prompt changing on
common shells such as bash, zsh, and tcsh.

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2010-03-16 08:21

Improved startup performance. Working rpm,deb, and slackware packages. Support for parsing monotone and darcs repositories, and a few retro themes additions.

2010-03-07 16:54

Gnome-terminal doesn't ask for the profile every time bashish starts. Revision and branch indicators were added for git, mercurial, bazaar, svn, and cvs. The user can configure colors, title, and string in the prompt. Lots of cleanups and bugfixes were done.
標籤: Major

2006-09-25 03:10

This release comes with updates for zsh, fixes for
application theming
from the commandline, and changes to work properly
with old Bashish 1.x
configuration files.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

2006-09-10 15:51

ASCII-art prompts can now be displayed in 8-bit
locales, such as ISO8859-1. It no longer requires
the curses "dialog" utility. The Tango! color
palette is used by default. Bashish now supports
KDE Konsole, Cygwin, Eterm, and font changing in
the Linux console. There have also been
improvements in performance and usability.
標籤: Major feature enhancements

2006-07-16 06:17

This release includes fixes for the uninstaller
and the Linux console.
標籤: Minor bugfixes

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