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Basenji is an indexing and search tool designed for easy and fast indexing of media collections.
Once indexed, removable media such as CDs and USB sticks can be browsed and searched
for specific files very quickly, without actually being connected to the computer.
Besides file hierarchies and audio track listings, Basenji also presents extracted metadata
(image dimensions, mp3 tags etc.) and content previews of indexed media in a clean and
straightforward user interface.

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2012-02-25 10:18

This release has been migrated to taglib-sharp and dbus-sharp, adds GNOME 3 improvements, includes a single binary build for MS Windows, updates the translations, and makes bugfixes.

2010-08-16 01:03

A critical bug was fixed that caused scan abortion if an empty keyword was encountered. A smaller button icon is used in the prefs dialog. This release makes sure minimized modal windows are brought back to the front properly, does not disable theme selection on non-GNOME systems, adds high-res app icons for Windows, and has updated Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and German translations.

2010-08-08 18:20

Among others, the following new features were added:
presets for volume and item search entries, support for thumbnails in the file browser, the ability to sort volumes by various criteria, a menu for recently used databases, and an item editor.

2010-04-21 06:50

This release adds support for audio CDs, GnomeCatalog import,, resolves symlinks to symlinks), blacklist support for libextractor plugins that are unstable, new translations (French and Russian), and support for mimeicons in custom icon themes (e.g. Tango on Windows). It fixes a memory leak in the libextractor binding, unifies duration times, and has code refactoring and many bugfixes. It has migrated to devicekit-disks (removing the HAL dependency), and has rewritten symlink resolving (much faster). It is strongly recommended to up update.

2010-01-12 03:05

This release fixes text coloring of lent volumes, fixes a crash on empty keywords (bug #504964), fixes a crash on unmounted volumes (e.g. audio CDs), and adds a missing package dependency.

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