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Bandwidth is primarily a memory bandwidth benchmark, but it can also measure network bandwidth. It measures the maximum memory bandwidth of each part of the memory system, including main memory, L1, L2, and L3 caches, framebuffer memory, and register-to-register. For many tests, it performs both sequential memory accesses as well as random memory accesses to provide a more real-world performance estimate. The tests support Linux (Intel), Windows/Cygwin, and Mac OS X. Its core routines are in assembly for x86 and x86-64 architectures with both SSE4 and AVX support. Bandwidth also includes automatic graphing of the results, stored to a BMP image file. The network bandwidth tests support Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows/Cygwin.

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2010-07-06 23:40

A memory copy test, vector register transfer tests, and Mac OS X support were added.

2010-04-21 18:43

Benchmarks were added for register-to-register transfers and stack-to/from-register transfers.

2010-04-02 14:50

Randomized tests were added. Support was added for memory chunks in sizes other than powers of two. Options for quicker and slower test runs were added.

2010-03-27 16:00

Graphing was added.
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2010-03-23 22:47

This is a major revision that expands OS support to include Windows/Cygwin and Windows Mobile. Support was added for the ARM architecture (for Linux and Windows Mobile).
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