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Atem is a fast command line tool that converts MetaStock financial binary data to CSV.

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2013-02-07 07:39

This release will not abort if Master or Fx.dat files are larger then needed. The symbol column was not printed if a symbol was empty. The last separator is not printed if no data columns are given. A segfault if the --format string contains only spaces has been fixed. The test suite has been refactored for reliability and portability.
標籤: minor stable

2011-10-22 06:01

This release makes it possible to distribute static Windows binaries, replaces libpopt with gengetopt-generated code, never writes CRLF line feeds on win32, handles not existing SIGPIPE on win32, adds the option [-oFILE|--output=FILE] for those who don't want to write to stdout, hide debug options in the --help message, and adds the option --full-help.
標籤: Major, Stable

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