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Ariadne is a Web Application Framework and Content Management System built with PHP. It allows you to build complex Web applications and sites with ease. It takes care of the mundane stuff like internationalization, security, user management, templating, data retrieval and storage, caching, and site management. It stores content in a structured object store that can be accessed through an extensive filesystem-like API.

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2013-02-02 07:02

This release is mostly about fixing a few bugs,
but also adds a new muze dialog loader to
create crossbrowser dialogs as a replacement of showmodeldialog.

It also adds support for cross-protocol domains to psite objects.
標籤: Stable, Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements

2012-01-21 11:10

This release fixes a number of small bugs and adds one major new feature: Automatic Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Detection. This change may impact your own code, so read the explanation on the Web site carefully. With this change, all your old code is immune to XSS attacks.
標籤: minor stable

2011-09-08 07:10

This release adds a new syntax highlighting template editor, support for exceptions in pinp templates, debugging with firePHP, and a reCaptcha module. The Ariadne general API has been extensively refactored and debugged.
標籤: minor stable

2011-04-15 00:34

Another round of small improvements and bugfixes was made while polish and preparations are made for the upcoming 2.8 release, as well as some nice new features to play with.

2011-01-22 07:49

This release has a number of small improvements and fixes, as well as a greatly expanded and improved version of the new API. It adds a new object type, pproject, that is intended to ease management of projects with their sites, users, and libraries.
The new Ariadne API has been extensively tested and expanded. It is now complete enough to build entire projects with. It has been checked for consistency, correctness, ease-of-use, and expandibility. It adds easy XML and HTML parsing, XML data binding, an event system, OpenAuth, RSS, SOAP, and Twitter support.
標籤: Stable

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