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Areca is a file backup system that supports data compression (zip / zip64 format) and encryption, incremental backups, FTP/SFTP file transfer, delta storage mode, and many other features. It includes a transaction mechanism, which guarantees the integrity of your backups. Two user interfaces are available: a command-line interface (useful for backup automation) and a graphical user interface (useful for backup administration).

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2009-09-12 15:33

This version includes more secure configuration backup, which makes sure that the XML backup file is correctly written to the backup location, the reactivation of command-line output in the console, a fix for a bug when forcing 'full backup' mode on delta targets, support for handling <null> extended attribute values, progress bar enhancements, and post-processor enhancements.

2009-07-14 00:28

This release fixes a major bug that occurred when recovering or merging archives that contained a high number of files. It also includes minor bugfixes in regex filters and XML configuration.

2009-06-17 21:51

This new version includes new regular expression filters options, backup report enhancements, and post processor enhancements. It also comes with minor bugfixes.

2009-05-28 22:30

This version allows to view the files contained in your archives using the default applications configured on your system. It also comes with post-backup action enhancements.

2009-04-23 11:57

This release handles named pipes properly (they can be detected, filtered, stored, and recovered). The "Check Archive" feature has been enhanced.

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