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Morcego is a 3D graph browser for viewing and navigating any graph-like structure. Examples of such structures include social networks, site maps, hierarchies, and genealogy trees. It currently only support simple graphs. It's already integrated into TikiWiki. Morcego is not meant to provide a solution for the end user, but to be embedded in a Web application by developers. It's a Java applet that communicates with an XML-RPC server to load the graph that is displayed.

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2005-11-14 15:12

The code was deeply refactored. For the end-user,
the most interesting resource is the physics model
used to balance the graph. There are new
configuration values that are documented in the
README file.
標籤: Code cleanup

2005-09-05 15:44

The balancer will now stop. The reachable universe
has been limited, so the user can't drag nodes too
far. Small usability bugs were solved. Every
disadvantage compared to version 0.3 has been

2005-06-15 10:50

標籤: Initial freshmeat announcement

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