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Anyterm provides a terminal emulator on a Web page using Javascript and a server daemon. The daemon typically runs behind an HTTP proxy; it forks a shell and communicates with the script using XMLHTTP on port 80 or securely using SSL. This provides you with shell access to your machine from almost any Web browser, even when firewalls are in the way. The service provides access without the need to install anything on your servers.

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2009-02-06 23:57

This release fixes execution on Linux 2.4 systems
(provided that you
also compile on a 2.4 system) and fixes
compilation with compilers that
don't know about their processor's atomic
標籤: Development, Minor bugfixes

2009-01-08 09:32

This release reorganizes the code to remove a couple of troublesome library dependencies, fixes a bug that had prevented use in some CGI applications, and adds a man page.
標籤: Development, Code cleanup

2008-10-28 22:19

This version fixes two build bugs, one affecting
SuSE users, and works around a probable Firefox 3
bug that had caused an unnecessary horizontal
scrollbar to be shown. This version also builds on
Mac OS X.
標籤: Development, Minor bugfixes

2008-10-21 08:52

In this release, the old Apache module has been removed. Using the stand-alone Anyterm daemon in combination with Apache's mod_proxy is now the recommended configuration. Although this is at least as stable and feature-full as the old Apache module, the documentation remains less mature; installation reports are welcome.
標籤: Development, Code cleanup

2008-08-16 02:29

You can now specify a URL to which the browser will be redirected once the terminal is closed. Copying to the clipboard should now work on Mozilla-based browsers, if the appropriate security settings are in force. Delete and backspace should now behave as expected in more programs. An untested change may make keyboard input work on Safari again.
標籤: Development, Minor feature enhancements

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