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smake is a highly portable 'make' program that makes commands up to date based on rules in Makefiles and on the timestamps of the related files. It implements a complete superset of the features of the classical POSIX/Unix make program. It warns about typical misuse of dynamic macros that prevent portability of makefiles. Its automake features allow you to run scripts to automatically create rules for unknown platforms.

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2013-02-02 07:03

smake now tries to inline "echo" commands and to avoid shell calls in order to speed up execution on platforms with slow process creation such as Win-DOS (cygwin).

2012-12-29 06:53

Support for some new platforms was added. This release correctly implements the '+' command line prefix even when it has been called with -t (touch).
Better file PATH search allows smake to better find its internal .../lib/defaults.smk file that contains the default rules (see libschily/searchinpath.c).

2010-04-21 01:06

./.clean now removes symlinks. Experimental rules for using "pcc" on Solaris x86 were added. C-dependencies on AIX are now extracted using "cc -M -qsyntaxonly". As the new Intel 64 bit strcpy() implementation does not work correctly with overlapping strings, smake now includes a ovstrcpy() function to avoid related problems. Smake now supports $(EMPTY): target names. A minor bug in the makefile parser was fixed. The bug caused targets that appeared directly after an otherwise empty line that started with a TAB character to be ignored.
標籤: Stable

2009-12-15 10:07

There are many new features. Smake is now usable as a general purpose make program and works on virtually any platform.
標籤: Stable

2009-12-07 06:46

Support for 64-bit compilation on IRIX was added.
A bug in the macro suffix replacement was fixed. smake
now supports the use of: "smake COPTX=-errwarn=%all".
A new predefined macro, "NUMBER_SIGN", allows the use of '#' in makefiles. The man page was enhanced.
標籤: Release Candidate

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