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Launcher for the Delphi IDE that decides which of multiple IDEs to launch based on the suffix of the dproj file passed to it.
project.2007.dproj starts Delphi 2007
project.2009.dproj starts Delphi 2009
project.XE.dproj or project.XE1.droj starts Delphi XE
project.XE8.dproj starts Delphi XE8
project.10.dproj starts Delphi 10
project.10-1.dproj starts Delphi 10.1
project.10-3.dproj starts Delphi 10.3

Update: Version 1.0.1 now also parses the .dproj file and depending on the ProductVersion entry tries to determine the Delphi version.

Update: Version 1.0.3 can also process .groupproj files.

Update: Version 1.0.5 also handles .dpr, .dof and .bdsproj files. It also checks additional entries in those files to determine the correct Delphi version.

Update: Version 1.0.8 also uses the groupproj filename if everything else fails.

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dzBdsLauncher 1.0.8 (1 files 隱藏)


If everything else fails, try to guess the BDS/Delphi version from the .groupproj filename. This Works for names like UnitTestsGrp_BDS2009, UnitTestsGrp_D2009, UnitTestsGrp_Delphi2009 or UnitTestsGrp_RS2009.