Operation manuals

The one enclosed with [...] represents the key of the PC. What is not enclosed is the key assigned by DTXMania, and (...) indicates the initial value of the key.

Whether you use a joypad or an electronic drum, you should redo the key assignment first in CONFIGURATION / Drums' Drums Key etc.
By default, the joypad key assignments are not defined at all. On the other hand, the default MIDI electronic drum's key assignments is GM standard compliant.

title screen

Up/Down focusArrow key Up/DownSD (C) = Down
LT (B) = Up
R(F2) = Up, B (F4) = DownR (numeric keypad 1) = up, B (numeric keypad 3) = down
DecideENTERCY (M), RD (K), LC (Q)Decide (F7) or Enter, or Arrow key EightDecide (numeric keypad 7) or Enter, or Arrow key EightSelect START to go Select Music Screen. Select CONFIGURATION to go Setting. When EXIT is selected, DTXMania terminates.

Song selection screen

Song selectionArrow key Up/Down SD (C) = Down
LT (B) = Up
R (F2) = Up, B (F4) = Down R (numeric keypad 1) = up, B (numeric keypad 3) = downIf you perform a song selection operation with a guitar, the song name will be highlighted only for the guitar corresponding song.
Decide on a song, or go into MUSIC BOX Enter, or Arrow key RightCY (M), RD (K), LC (Q) Decide (F7) Decide (Numeric keypad 7) Please do not assign the same key to Decide and Pick on the guitar and base. When you assign so, the scrolling speed changes frequently while playing.
Change difficulty level - Hit HH (Z) quickly twice While holding G (F3), play Pick (Right SHIFT or !] ) twice While holding down G (numeric keypad 2), play Pick (numeric keypad .(period) or numeric keypad ENTER) twice It is limited to corresponding data covering multiple difficulty levels in the set.def file
Show fullpath of selecting DTX file Delete -- -- -- Fullpath info of DTX data and set.def file will be shown.
Exit the current MUSIC BOX Arrow key Left Select <<Back or hit FT (N)Select <<Back, or press Cancel (F8) Select <<Back, or press Cancel (numeric keypad 8)
Toggle between full screen / window display Alt + Enter - - - You can also switch between System / Fullscreen in CONFIGURATION. You can also change from window mode to full screen mode by double clicking on the window (when DoubleClickFullScreen in Config.ini is 1).
Move directly to CONFIGURATION screen SHIFT + F1 - - - You can set the sound device, etc.
Calling up the Quick Config screen - Step on BD (C or Space) twice quickly (None) (None) You can change the AUTO setting and set the SudHid. (The same setting is also avilable at CONFIGURATION)
Swap guitar and base - (None) Pick G G Pick Pick G G Pick Swap the song notes of the guitar and bass.
Sort the song list - BD (C or Space), and hit HT (V) immediately G G G G G G Call up the sort dialog. Sort the song order by Title, Level, Best Rank, PlayCount, Author, SkillPoint, Date. You can switch between ascending and descending order each time you select the same item.
Return to title screenEsc - - -

Playing screen

Playing FT (N), CY (M), RD (K), B (C or Space), HT (V), LT (B), FT (N), CY(N), RD(K) R (F2), G (F3), B (F4), Pick ( ] or Right Shift), Wailing (Right Ctrl), Decide (F7), Cancel (F8) W (keyboard 0), Decide (numeric keypad 7), Cancel (numeric keypad 8), R (numeric keypad 1), G (numeric keypad 3), B (numeric keypad 4), Pick (numeric keypad .(period) or numeric keypad ENTER), Wailing (numeric keypad 0), Decide (numeric keypad 7), Cancel (numeric keypad 8)
Cancel playing ESC Cancel (F8) or ESC Cancel (numeric keypad 8) or ESC Return to the music selection screen. (When starting up in compact mode, DTXMania will terminate)
Change scroll speedArrow key Up / Down Decide (F7) + R (F2) or B (F4) Decide (numeric keypad 7) + R (numeric keypad 1) or B (numeric keypad 3)
PAUSE / restartSHIFT + F1 - -
Toggle display / non-display of playubg information Del - - FPS, BPM, playing time, measure number, BGM synchronization timing adjustment value, input timing adjustment value are displayed. Same as DebugInfo in CONFIGURATION.
BGM synchronization timing adjustment Shift + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-10ms, Ctrl + Shift + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-1ms - - When the timing of BGM and chip sound is out of timing, this operation can correct the timing of BGM. Correction results are stored separately for each song data.
Input timing adjustment (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-10ms, Ctrl + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-1ms Shift + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-10ms, Ctrl + Shift + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-1ms Alt + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-10ms, Ctrl + Alt + (Arrow key Left/Right) = +-1ms Correct the input delay. Correction results are stored separately for each song data.
Toggle between full screen / window displayAlt + Enter - - Switching while playing is not recommended.

Result screen

Exit result screen Enter, or ESC CY (M), RD (K), LC (Q) Decide (F7) Decide (Numeric keypad 7)

Configuration screen



Change to specific screen size Alt + Space, or left click on the icon in the upper left of the window As the new window size, you can choose 640 x 480 if it is less than Rel 100, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080 are also avilable after Rel 100.
In case of Rel094 or later, if System / EnableSystemMenu in Config.ini is 0, you can not enter ALT + Space. (The initial value is 1)
Screen capture Capture (F12) Key assignment can be changed with CONFIGURATION / System Keys / Capture. Capture images are stored in the Capture_img folder.