DTX2WAV manual

What's DTX2WAV

  • DTX2WAV is the converter: from DTX to WAV. (Strictly speaking, WAV file is generated by "recording" the autoplay of DTXMania.)
  • OGG, MP3 are also available as the output.
  • You can edit each part (BGM,SE,Drum,Guitar,Bass) of volume individually (0-200%).


Requirement to use DTX2WAV

Install / Uninstall

  • To install, Put DTX2WAV.exe in the same folder where DTXManiaGR.exe is. (Please don't touch DLL folder... oggenc2.exe and lame.exe are also used.)
  • To uninstall, simply remove DTX2WAV.exe. DTX2WAV.exe does not configure any registries.

How to use

  1. Run DTX2WAV.exe.
  2. Click "Browse" at the right of "Input DTX file", to specify source DTX file.
    (You can also specify GDA/G2D file as the input)
    Instead of clicking "Browse", you can drag&drop DTX file to the text input area.
  3. Once you specify 2., then "Output Audio file" is also set automatically. (Basically the file extention is changed to ".wav" etc, from DTX file)
    If you need, you can modify the output file path.
  4. If you need, change "Audio file type". By default, "WAV" is set as it. You can change it to "OGG" or "MP3". (If you change it, 3.'s file extention will be updated automatically)
  5. If you need, you can adjust each parts' volume at "Volume settings". Usually you should leave them all at 100%, but for example you can enhance guitar sound by setting "Guitar=200%, others=50%".
  6. At "Encoder settings" tab, you can configure OGG/MP3 encoding settings (Only bitrate can be configured)
  7. Click "Start Recording" to start recording. Then you'll see "DTX2WAV (Recording...) dialog. Please wait, until the recording finishes. At this time, DTX2WAV will launch DTXMania as minimized. Then DTXMania start autoplay (the autplay sound will be recorded).
    You can check the progress in the dialog. You can cancel recording by clicking "Cancel".
  8. You'll see "Completed successfully", if the recording finished.


  • No LP-Lane support. No 5-Lane-Guitar supported. (DTX2WAV supports only DTX file which can play in standard DTXMania.)
  • At recording, DTX2WAV internally launch DTXMania with WASAPI-Exclusive sound mode. So you cannot use other sound application while recording.
  • You can't use DTX2WAV with DTXMania. And also, multiple DTX2WAVs can't be launched at the same time.
  • Output volume depends on master volume. For example, in case you set master volume to zero, output file become silence.
  • You may found recorded sound become strange. If so, please try recording again. If you tried several times but in vain, try to de-minimize DTXMania before recording. (The DTXMania window will black, but DTXMania's performance will be improved than minimized, so the sound may become good.)
  • Recorded WAV file contains 24bit-float data. (not typical 16bit-integer data). It is because DTXMania internally handles all sound files as 24bit float data.