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dashboard of Bytom

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Bytom Dashboard



Install Node.js:

brew install node

Install dependencies:

npm install

Start the development server with

npm start

By default, the development server uses the following environment variables with default values to connect to a local Bytom Core instance:


Style Guide

We use eslint to maintain a consistent code style. To check the source directory with eslint, run:

npm run lint src

React + Redux


Babel is used to transpile the latest ES6 syntax into a format understood by both Node.js and browsers. To get an ES6-compatible REPL (or run a one-off script) you can use the babel-node command:

$(npm bin)/babel-node

Redux Actions

To inspect and debug Redux actions, we recommend the "Redux DevTools" Chrome extension:


Creating new components

To generate a new component with a connected stylesheet, use the following command:

npm run generate-component Common/MyComponent

The above command will create two new files in the src/components directory:


with MyComponent.scss imported as a stylesheet into MyComponent.jsx.

Additionally, if there is an index.js file in src/components/Common, it will appropriately add the newly created component to the index exports.

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