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treelm: List of commits

Repository of the treelm library. Now found at https://github.com/apes-suite/treelm

修訂. 時間 作者
0fb63bbf3fc8 2020-03-07 00:37:30 Neda Ebrahimi Pour

added case for all gradients in all spatial directions

e68f5ca18778 2020-03-04 19:19:21 Harald Klimach

Only attempt to write key if it is present.

869314ba5af9 2020-02-28 01:14:54 Peter Vitt

Changed the comparison from == to the float equivalent operator

921df6081b41 2020-02-28 01:14:31 Peter Vitt

Make those test values floats as well

90e6fc9f2b24 2020-02-28 01:13:23 Peter Vitt

Made float operators elemental

1b9479422e60 2020-02-27 00:10:58 Peter Vitt

Updated copyright notice

bad7296d9940 2020-02-27 00:06:05 Peter Vitt


f5df37cdad1a 2020-02-27 00:05:48 Peter Vitt

Removed variables that were set but never used.

38263c37e0a7 2020-02-23 07:23:00 Kannan Masilamani

Loaded reduction before output table because output format needs to be ascii
if reduction is active

109e256ccf66 2020-02-14 21:01:45 Harald Klimach

Updated aotus to include patch for bug 4 in Lua 5.3.5.

b1d7ddf535f6 2020-02-14 02:09:06 Harald Klimach

Added the copy_subdir option to the FORD documentation.

This allows the use of media directories within the page_dir hierarchy
to contain directories that will be copied into the generated documentation
and may be used to hold images for example.

bfe296de4c60 2020-02-13 21:04:03 Kannan Masilamani

Moved check for segments for use_get_point in tem_load_canoND

594d49f5a4a8 2020-02-13 05:15:58 Harald Klimach

Removed project_url from mainpage settings.

01195a5aa699 2020-02-13 01:45:51 Harald Klimach

Formatting in the geometry module.

372054f3d5a1 2020-02-13 01:33:53 Neda Ebrahimi Pour


5ad78028a315 2020-02-13 01:32:57 Neda Ebrahimi Pour

case was missing for the segment definition, if
just one segement is defined in a table

7dd2ec54359b 2020-02-13 01:12:48 Harald Klimach

Updated treelm docu to take advantage of alias definition for external
aotus doc_pages.
Do not include the aotus doc_pages via a symlink here anymore, but instead
point to the generated documentation in the provided external path.

63d9f1f344a8 2020-02-13 01:03:07 Harald Klimach

Added a tem_endOfId function to identify the end vertex point of a given element
(origin of the element with a coordinate shift of +1 in each dimension)

a5583a3c769b 2020-02-11 20:00:11 Kannan Masilamani


6a5938f89a77 2020-02-11 19:54:17 Kannan Masilamani

Set default segments =-1 for canoND object. Used it to abort if not defined
for use_get_point.

068799d4efd5 2020-02-07 02:00:46 Harald Klimach

Added the configuration for the mesh to the treelmesh module description.

c6e7305f53d3 2020-02-06 23:29:20 Harald Klimach

Added blank line in front of docu listing.

e4a0a101bb98 2020-02-06 22:56:23 Harald Klimach

Added an example for simControl.

7cd65cffc53a 2020-02-06 22:16:04 Harald Klimach

Added documentation for abortCriteria.

a024be8ae164 2020-02-06 19:30:43 Peter Vitt

format according to the lua styles ;)

b01198ea3208 2020-02-06 19:05:56 Peter Vitt

Clarified the space guidelines for Lua

9f2c9fa26e10 2020-02-06 18:41:02 Peter Vitt

Added reference to the lua guidelines

4a9d8864c9f1 2020-02-06 18:26:59 Peter Vitt

Fixed the page-internal links (hopefully)

77fab464a597 2020-02-06 18:11:43 Peter Vitt

Added some rules for Lua spacing

b6511fe2455d 2020-02-06 01:46:09 Harald Klimach

Added hint to include files in FORD documentation.

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